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If you follow my blog, you may recall when I mentioned that I was on the hunt for a dress to wear for my engagement shoot – well I found not one but two dresses to wear so I thought I would share them with you – in the event you are looking for a dress to wear for a special event!

The location of the engagement session dictated the style of dress I was looking for and since we had decided on letting mother nature be the backdrop for the pictures, I wanted to wear a romantic flowing gown. Our photo session took place at a beautiful park that had both a large open field that allowed the sun to glow around us and tree-lined areas that were tucked away like a secret garden that gave off a more moody vibe.

The Dresses I Wore for my Engagement Shoot

The picture above shows the up-close details of the first dress I purchased. I had this dress hanging for a week in our bedroom before I finally got to wear it. Below are a few shots that were taken of just myself in the dress.

The Dress I Wore for my Engagement Photo Shoot

Dress I Wore for my Engagement Shoot

Dresses I wore for my Engagement Shoot

The Dresses I Wore for my Engagement Shoot

I decided that this Eliza J Belted Chiffon Maxi Dress in a soft shade of pink was a perfect dress to wear in the open field area of the park. With its romantic flowing gown and floral chiffon – it made me feel ultra feminine. I love that I can wear this dress again to a special summer event!

The Dress I Wore for my Engagement Shoot

The Dress I wore for my Engagement Shoot

The Dress I Wore For My Engagement Photos.

I found this navy blue long floor length ball gown at the Etsy shop of Atom Attire New York. Not only did I love the price but I absolutely loved how comfortable and versatile it is. If any bride-to-be readers are reading this post, consider this dress for your bridesmaids! They carry a variety of colors and it can be worn in so many different ways that compliment the body shape of each woman and her style preference. I styled the dress to be worn as a low cut neckline but I had contemplated to wear it as a one-shoulder style. The navy blue hue was a compliment to the moody forest-like area of the park.

-Photography of me wearing the dresses are by the awesome Autumn Stankay, SkySight Photography

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Over this past weekend, I visited a few stores to find that perfect dress to wear for our upcoming engagement shoot and was surprised I didn’t have a handful to choose from. Since we wanted to take cue from the location of the natural outdoor setting, we also wanted to choose outfits that express our style and personalities too.

While I found a dress that I’m really happy about, there are a few contenders that I adored as well! So if you plan on dressing it up with a fancy photo shoot whether it’s by the beach wearing a flowy dress and no shoes, glammed up in a ballgown and heels under the city lights or at a park wearing a pretty floral print maxi, here are a few dress options that caught my eye and may just catch yours as well!

Dress Options for an Engagement Photo Session

Shop the Post:

Belted Print Organza Ballgown

Embellished Waist Maxi Dress

Blush One-Shoulder Maxi Dress

One-Shoulder Floral Print Gown

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A Bridal Shower Dessert Recipe She Will Love: ROSE-CARDAMOM FRIANDS

A Bridal Shower Dessert Recipe she will Love: Rose-Cardamom Friands

It’s that time of year when bridal showers and weddings are in full swing! To help all the bridesmaids and maid of honor’s out there who will planning and hosting, I decided to give you some inspiration as there’s nothing sweeter and prettier than a tea party-themed bridal shower. I made Rose-Cardamom Friands that the bride-to-be will surely love (and of course a Design by Occasion greeting card to present to her too)! You can find the recipe at the end of this post.

A Bridal Shower Dessert she will love

A bridal shower dessert she will love

Friand is a small French cake and it is so light and delicious, I guarantee you cannot eat just one! As I was baking them in the kitchen, my cell phone rang and it was my better half who was upstairs watching TV – telling me that it smells so good, do I need a taste-tester. And this is a person who never used to like sweets before but for all the test baking I do, I guess now its an adapted favorite!

A dessert and greeting card the Bride-to-be will Love

Rose-Cardamom Friands

A bridal shower dessert she will love

To make this shape friand, I used this baking pan. Be sure when baking your friands, fill each mold only half-way with the mixture.

A dessert and greeting card the Bride-to-be will love at her Bridal Shower

My ‘B…is for Bride-to-be!’ greeting card can be found, here.

Rose-Cardamom Friands recipe the Bride-to-be will love to eat at her Bridal Shower

Rose-Cardamom Bridal Shower Dessert Recipe by Design by Occasion

I purchased these pastel color sugar balls that are a perfect compliment to a tea-themed bridal shower party.

Rose-Cardamom Friands dessert recipe perfect for a Bridal Shower

-Photos + recipe + styling + greeting cards: Rose Angel Lopez for Design by Occasion

A Bridal Shower Dessert Recipe She Will Love: ROSE-CARDAMOM FRIANDS
A perfect bridal shower dessert the Bride-to-be will Love
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 12

  • 6 egg whites
  • 4½ ounces unsalted butter, melted
  • 2 TBSP honey
  • 1 TBSP Rose Water
  • 1 TSP (green) Cardamom, ground
  • 1½ cups confectioner's sugar
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour
  • Edible Rose buds or Rose Petals, optional for garnishing
  • 2 TBSP honey
  • 1 TBSP water
  • 2 TSP rose water

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Grease individual tart and/or muffin baking pan (I used Wilton Ice Cream Cookie Bowl Baking Pan)
  3. As an alternative option, I greased my pan with Pam instead of more butter
  4. Take the caradom pods and crack them open, set the seeds aside in a small bowl then crush with a mortar.
  5. Place egg whites in a medium-sized bowl and whisk lightly with a fork until combined
  6. Add melted butter, honey, rose water, ground cardamom, sifted confectioners' sugar and flour; stir until combined.
  7. Half fill your tart and/or baking pan with mixture
  8. Bake friands about 12 minutes. Let the friands cool for 5 minutes before placing them on a wire rack.
  10. Combine the honey, water, and rose water in a small saucepan; bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let cool for about 3 minutes.
  11. Serve friands drizzled with rose-honey syrup and garnish with fresh edible rose buds or rose petals (optional)
  12. Enjoy!


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Bridesmaid + Groomsman DIY Gift Box

Calling all brides and grooms-to-be! If you are recently engaged and have picked out who you plan on having in your bridal and groomsmen party, host and ‘ask’ party and go the extra mile by presenting each of them with your very own bridesmaid and groomsman DIY gift box. Keep reading to see what I included in my gift boxes.

Bridesmaid + Groomsman DIY Gift Box

Bridesmaid + Groomsman DIY Gift Box

The Bridesmaid DIY Gift Box

Suggested items you will need:

  • BOX – I decided to go with a classic white gloss gift box.
  • PAPER CRINKLE – depending on your preferred color scheme, I went with white paper crinkle. For alternative filling, you can add tissue paper or tulle.
  • FLOWERS – tuck in a small bouquet of flowers in your gift box. It is such a special touch. To keep the flowers moist, cut half of a paper towel, dampen and wrap the stems and cover with plastic wrap.  You can than cover the plastic wrap with tissue paper and tie a ribbon around it.
  • SWEETS – whether it’s candy, chocolate, or her favorite flavored macarons, add your besties favorite treat.
  • NAIL POLISH – add the color polish you would like your bridesmaid(s) to wear on your special day.
  • COLOR SWATCHES – give your bridesmaid(s) a sneak peek at your wedding colors.
  • CHAMPAGNE – Bring on the bubbly! After all, it’s a celebration and individually-sized champagne bottles are perfect to say toast to your bridesmaid(s) happily accepting your request.
  • ‘GREETING CARD – write a special handwritten note expressing how important it is to you to have her by your side on your big day. You can find my greeting card design for “Will you be my Bridesmaid?”, by clicking here.

Bridesmaid + Groomsman DIY Gift Box

Bridesmaid + Groomsman DIY Gift Box

The Groomsman DIY Gift Box

Suggested items you will need:

  • BOX – I went with a more masculine color scheme and chose a kraft colored gift box.
  • PAPER CRINKLE – I also chose coordinating kraft colored paper crinkle.
  • LIQUOR – Cheers! I went with whisky but choose your preferred liquor to include in your groomsman gift box.
  • CIGAR – whisky and a cigar go hand-in-hand so it was a perfect gentleman’s choice.
  • SOMETHING SALTY – for a guy, I think a salty snack is a better way to go – it pairs well with liquor and a cigar.
  • BOW TIE OR NECKTIE – If you happen to know your wedding colors, why not present your groomsman with a bow tie or necktie he will be wearing on your wedding day. If you don’t know wedding colors yet, no problem. Gifting a bow tie or necktie that he can wear for your engagement or rehearsal dinner is just as nice.
  • GREETING CARD – now I know guys don’t want to get all sensitive and write anything much inside the greeting card but a simple line that reads… “Hoping I can count on you” or “What do you say, bro?” are simple sentiments and to the point. You can find my groomsman greeting card by clicking here.

Bridesmaid + Groomsman DIY Gift Box

Have fun picking out items for your bridesmaid and groomsman DIY gift box – they will surely appreciate it!

To find more wedding related greeting cards, head on over to my shop.

-Photos by Rose Angel Lopez

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One of the things I love to create are color story inspiration boards. With spring on my mind, 2016 Pantone’s color of the year of  Rose Quartz and Serenity were two dreamy colors that go so well together! I’ve incorporated each of these colors in two ways – take a look…

Dusty Blue + Rose Quartz + Copper

The color, ‘Rose Quartz’ embraces rose tones and for this color story, shades of dusty blue mixed with rose quartz and with the jeweled tones of copper – blend beautifully.

Color Inspiration

*Image Sources: Rose Quartz Linden Silk Wrap Dress via Kamperett // Serenity + Copper Tablescape via Frieda Theres; photographer: Hilal Moses


 Serenity + Rose Quartz + Slate

The color, ‘Serenity’ is a cooler tranquil blue and for this color story, serenity combined with rose quartz and slate are tranquil colors that feel airy with a subdued brightness.

Color Inspiration: Serenity + Rose Quartz Two Ways

*Image Sources: Woman in tulle via Green Wedding Shoes; styled by Chloe Delgadillo // Calligraphy cake by Flour and Flourish via Elizabeth Anne Designs; photographer: Heather Nan Photography //Ring via Style Me Pretty; photographer: Milton Photography // boutonnieres on agate via Inside Weddings; photographer: Thisbe Grace Photography

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