Cardamom + Rose + Earl Grey Iced Milk Tea

We’ve had a few days here where thundershowers would pop up, the sky would turn dark and it just made me want to cozy up on the sofa – even if the temperature outside was in the 90’s. Typically on cooler days, I will savor on a nice cup of flavored hot tea or a cappuccino but since it’s still summer I remembered saving this recipe from Beth of Local Milk blog to one day make it and so I finally did. And you guessed it, includes cardamon and rose…my favorites!

Cardamom + Rose + Earl Grey Iced Milk Tea

Beth’s version is an iced latte that includes coffee but I decided to try it with Earl Grey Tea instead and while I’m sure the original recipe tastes delicious (which I will try), I was in the mood for tea.

Cardamom + Rose + Earl Grey Iced Milk Tea

Infused with cardamom, rose, and earl grey, it was perfect balance of sweet with a hint of a spicy note; it’s perfectly comforting!

Cardamom + Rose + Earl Grey Iced Milk

For the recipe, simply head on over to Local Milk Blog and if you want to try my tea version, follow the directions and just substitute the coffee for two tablespoons of loose-leaf Earl Grey tea.


-Photos by Rose Angel Lopez

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