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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and even some days spent lounging around and resting. I for one, have been a busy little bee during the holiday break. Yep, it’s finally here…Design by Occasion has officially opened up an Etsy shop…whoo-hoo!! What started out as a wholesale greeting card vendor, has now expanded into selling to the public. A large amount of our boutique line of greeting cards are a limited edition and we will be adding new designs every month. Each greeting card is made with our signature shimmery luxury cardstock with coordinating hand-lined envelopes, designed with a 3-D design, and embellished with items such as Swarovski Crystals, making each card visually vivid, fun, and unique! Visit here, to see our collection.

If you are a follower of the blog, you may have recalled when I mentioned that in addition to my collection of greeting cards, we are also featuring our newly curated selection of hand-selected vintage entertaining essentials & decor!  After noticing current home and wedding accessories designed with hobnail, colored & milk glass, and opalescent designs, I was inspired by how these classic items are tabletop staples and are also very versatile in its use. These pieces are functional basics to fancy up your home and dining. Part of hosting is being able to have on hand, a selection of items that are unique accents to combine with your basics and enhance your table decor. Build up your party pantry by considering adding beautiful vintage finds that you can use often!

So please do stop by our Etsy shop, here! I hope you find something you’ve been waiting to have!

In addition to the launch of our Etsy shop, we have made a few updates to the website (some more to come). New pictures (captured by SkySight Photography) have been uploaded that feature a few items from my collection and some updated text and tabs. If you haven’t noticed on the Blog yet, a Pin It button has been added to each image you see in a blog post. While you still can share a blog post via social media and/or pinterest at the bottom of each blog post, this way serves as a more convenient way to pin your favorite image to your Pinterest board. You will notice this once you hover your mouse on an image.

Thanks for stopping by and for your support!

-Image: Max Wanger


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  1. Yay! Can’t wait to check it out. So proud of you and wish you continued success. I’ll be sure to spread the word.

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