MY CURRENT TOP PICKS: Holiday Scented Candles

It’s no surprise my love for scented candles but holiday candles that usher in the scents of the season, is my favorite! Usually after the holidays, I will purchase sale priced holiday candles and save them for the following year. When I decided to do this post, I checked my stash and found I have FIVE holiday scented candles….Candle hoarder? Perhaps!

Scroll down for my current faves and if you are interested in finding where you can get one, click on the name of the candle, it will link you to where you can purchase.

holiday scented candles

Illume “Balsam & Cedar”

Housed in a large tin, notes of orange green leaf berries, fir needle cinnamon pine and balsamic woody.

Holiday Scented Candles

Nest “Sir Elton John’s Fireside”

This scented candle is a combination of Madagascar Vanilla, exotic woods, smoky embers and juniper berry.

holiday scented candles

 Aromatique “Smell of the Tree”

This spicy, wooded fragrance fills the air with the aroma of a natural Christmas tree.

holiday scented candles

Votivo “Winter Cranberry”

This contemporary mirrored glass vessel emits a combination of creamy vanilla and musk muddled with earthy balsam and amber essence, topped off with ruby cranberry jam and a twist of cassis extract.

Holiday Scented Candles

Jonathan Adler “Holiday Hearth Candle”

This stylish glossy gold glass combines the scents of pine, evergreen trees, winter berries, cinnamon, and cloves.

holiday scented candles

These aromatic and elegant candles are a perfect way to savour the holiday season! I’d love for you to share your favorite(s) in the comments.

holiday scented candles

-Photos by Rose Angel Lopez

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